Break The Floor

Plan for the 2020-2021 Season

100% Event Guarantee

The biggest problem facing the dance industry (and everything, quite frankly) is uncertainty. Our dance studio friends are finding it hard to plan for the new season. Will Conventions & Competitions be happening? How? What if we plan on it and they are cancelled again?

Our goal for this coming season is clear… we are going to be holding all events, no matter what, GUARANTEED. Here is how it will work:

Plan A: In-Person

JUMP, NUVO & 24 Seven will be planning all events, in-person, for the upcoming season. We will be limiting attendance, working with our venue partners to increase ballroom space and implementing health procedures and guidelines to be able to offer the safest environment for our attendees. Break The Floor’s Health & Safety Protocols can be found here:

Plan B: In-Person and Virtual

We understand that some studios and families might not yet feel comfortable attending the in-person workshop. All of our in-person events will now have a virtual option. This allows a dancer or studio to take class from home or at the studio (at the discounted virtual fee). This option would also allow the dancers or studios attending the virtual workshop to still come to the venue for the competition portion of the event.

Plan C: Virtual

If the in-person event is unable to be held, studios and dancers may choose to:

Attend the event virtually (for a discounted rate). JUMP, NUVO and 24 Seven will host a virtual event, specific to the event and city, and broadcast from our studios in Los Angeles. Dancers can take workshop classes at home or the studio may organize a “watch and dance party” at their studio. Competition routines will be uploaded to our website and judged virtually. Awards ceremonies will be broadcast live immediately following the competition.


Receive a full refund within 7 business days of the event.

Refund & Payment Policy

Due to the current climate, we realize the need for a clearer payment and refund policy. We are committed to making studios and families feel confident and secure when registering for our events.

Refund Policy for the 2020-2021 Season: If an in-person event is unable to be held on the originally advertised dates, and the studio decides not to attend the event virtually, Break The Floor will issue a FULL REFUND within 7 days of the scheduled event date. If an event changes from in-person to virtual, the difference in fees will be refunded within 7 business days of the event.

Payment Terms for the 2020-2021 Season: The registration deadline will remain 30 days prior to the events, however payment will not need to be made until 14 days prior. (Please note: Some fall cities have a registration deadline of only 14 days prior).

2020-2021 Fees

Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees. This is quite common in the industry and is used to cover the time and expense Studio Owners incur while organizing, registering and attending these events.


TEACHER/STUDIO OWNER (18+)$310$360$250 (All Access)
SENIOR (16-19)$265$310$150
TEEN (13-15)$265$310$150
JUNIOR (11-12)$265$310$150
MINI (8-10)$265$310$150
JUMPSTART (5-7)$195$245$95
1 DAY TEACHER (18+)$195$225--
1 DAY DANCER (8-19)$180$205--
1 DAY JUMPSTART (5-7)$135$160--
* Only available onsite


GROUP (4-9 dancers)$55$65$15
LINE (10-15 dancers)$55$65$15
EXT. LINE (16-24 dancers)$55$65$15
PRODUCTION (25+ dancers)$55$65$15

Studio Owners, please contact us to confirm pricing, discounts, and incentives.

Competition Entry Limits

We are working on our competition entry limits for each event and will announce them soon.

More Questions?

In the next week, we will be releasing an FAQ that will deal with all other questions. Can a dancer do the scholarship audition through a virtual event? What will the in-person events look like? Etc.


We know this season will look a little different for now. Please know, the Break The Floor team is committed to bringing you the safest, most organized and exceptional events in the dance industry. We view this situation as an opportunity to expand our vision to bring the excitement of dance to everyone, all over the world, no matter the circumstance.

We hope you join us!!